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  • Extended functorial field theories and anomalies in quantum field theories 

    Muller, Lukas (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2020-03)
    We develop a general framework for the description of anomalies using extended functorial field theories extending previous work by Freed and Monnier. In this framework, anomalies are described by invertible field theories ...
  • A proof-theoretic approach to coinduction in Horn clause logic 

    Li, Yue (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2019-09)
    The thesis is on coinduction in Horn clauses. Specifically, it considers productive corecursion, and presents a framework called Coinductive Uniform Proof as a principled approach to coinduction in first-order Horn clause ...
  • Automated strategic visualisations and user confidence 

    Le Bras, Pierre (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2019-03)
    Data visualisations aim at providing accessible and interpretable information for people. At a strategic level, such representations can be used to stimulate decision making. We have found that users are however hesitant ...
  • Route discovery schemes in Mobile Ad hoc Networks with variable-range transmission power 

    Alghamdi, Atif A. (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2019-02)
    Broadcasting in MANETs is important for route discovery but consumes significant amounts of power that is difficult to renew for devices that rely heavily on batteries. Most existing routing protocols make use of a ...
  • The geometry of integrable vortices 

    Ross, Calum Duncan Hugh (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2019-05)
    This thesis is concerned with geometric interpretations of vortices. We demonstrate that all five of the integrable Abelian vortex equations can be encoded in terms of the flatness and holomorphic trivialisation of a ...

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