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  • Revivals in time evolution problems 

    Farmakis, Georgios (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences University of Edinburgh, 2022-12)
    Subject to periodic boundary conditions, it is known that the solution to a certain family of linear dispersive partial differential equations, such as the free linear Schr¨odinger and Airy evolution, exhibits a dichotomy ...
  • Novel, comic-based approach to smartphone permission requests 

    Watson, Katie Louise (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2021-09)
    This doctoral thesis investigates comics as a medium for presenting permission requests to users of smartphones and assessing how they can be used to support the users in making more informed decisions. Through three ...
  • From connected pathway flow to ganglion dynamics : understanding the effect of pore-scale properties on dynamic fluid connectivity and average flow functions 

    Nhunduru, Rumbidzai. A. E. (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2022-10)
    Since the turn of the industrial revolution in the early 1900s, the global economy has relied on fossil fuels for energy, transport, and other day to day industrial, commercial, and domestic activities. The combustion ...
  • Behind the chain of obscurity : methodologies for cryptocurrency forensic analysis 

    Tironsakkul, Tin (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2022-09)
    Bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies are decentralised digital currencies that allow users to anonymously exchange money without requiring the presence of a trusted third party. The privacy components of cryptocurrency ...
  • Designing coherent and engaging open-domain conversational AI systems 

    Papaioannou, Ioannis (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2022-05)
    Designing conversational AI systems able to engage in open-domain ‘social’ conversation is extremely challenging and a frontier of current research. Such systems are required to have extensive awareness of the dialogue ...

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