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  • Towards the control of cell states in gene regulatory networks by evolving Boolean networks 

    Taou, Nadia Solime (Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2018-07)
    Biological cell behaviours emerge from complex patterns of interactions between genes and their products, known as gene regulatory networks (GRNs). More specifically, GRNs are complex dynamical structures that orchestrate ...
  • Optimising strategies for learning visually grounded word meanings through interaction 

    Yu, Yanchao (Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2018-08)
    Language Grounding is a fundamental problem in AI, regarding how symbols in Natural Language (e.g. words and phrases) refer to aspects of the physical environment (e.g. ob jects and attributes). In this thesis, our ...
  • Mining microblogs for culture-awareness in web adaptation 

    Daehnhardt, Elena Alexandrovna (Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2018-09)
    Prior studies in sociology and human-computer interaction indicate that persons from different countries and cultural origins tend to have their preferences in real-life communication and the usage of web and social media ...
  • A novel soft orthotic physiotherapy device for stroke rehabilitation 

    McConnell, Alistair Campbell (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2018-05)
    There is a growing problem in stroke rehabilitation where, due to an increasing number of stroke sufferers and the proportion of specialists not increasing to compensate, patients are being relied upon to perform a greater ...
  • Relation modules and identities for presentations of inverse monoids 

    McDougall, E. A. (Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2018-09)
    We investigate the Squier complexes of presentations of groups and inverse monoids using the theory semiregular, regular, and pseudoregular groupoids. Our main interest is the class of regular groupoids, and the new class ...

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