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  • High gauge theory with string 2-groups and higher Poincare lemma 

    Demessie, Getachew Alemu (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2016-09)
    This thesis is concerned with the mathematical formulations of higher gauge theory. Firstly, we develop a complete description of principal 2-bundles with string 2-group model of Schommer-Pries, which is obtained by ...
  • Mathematical modelling of movement and glioma invasion 

    Eljazi, Radhia (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2016-10)
    Modelling movement is an important topic in fields ranging from ecology to medicine. In particular, glioma, an often fatal brain tumour is characterised by its diffuse invasion into the surrounding normal brain tissue, ...
  • A trading model and security regime for mobile e-commerce via ad hoc wireless networking 

    Osman, Husna (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2016-08)
    Ad hoc wireless networking offers mobile computer users the prospect of trading with others in their vicinity anywhere anytime. This thesis explores the potential for developing such trading applications. A notable ...
  • Sentiment Analysis for micro-blogging platforms in Arabic 

    Refaee, Eshrag Ali Ahmad (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2016-08)
    Sentiment Analysis (SA) concerns the automatic extraction and classification of sentiments conveyed in a given text, i.e. labelling a text instance as positive, negative or neutral. SA research has attracted increasing ...
  • Crowdsourced intuitive visual design feedback 

    Robb, David Allan (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2015-05)
    For many people images are a medium preferable to text and yet, with the exception of star ratings, most formats for conventional computer mediated feedback focus on text. This thesis develops a new method of crowd ...

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