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  • Coherent optical interactions in graphene multilayers 

    Rao, Shraddha M. S. (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2016-10)
    The work discussed in this thesis deals with the generation, control and modulation of optical interactions in two-dimensional materials, specifically in unpatterned, subwavelength graphene multilayers, using the process ...
  • Microwave Swing Adsorption for post-combustion CO2 capture from flue gases using solid sorbents 

    Chronopoulos, Theodore (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2016-08)
    In recent years, there has been an increasing global interest in carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) as an important technology for climate change mitigation. However, improved technologies for the CO2 capture process ...
  • Versatile femtosecond optical parametric oscillator frequency combs for metrology 

    Balskus, Karolis (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2016-04)
    This thesis addresses the development of broadly tunable, high repetition rate frequency combs in the mid-IR region. A novel PPKTP crystal design was used to provide phasematching for parametric oscillation and simultaneously ...
  • Laser surface texturing for high friction and other surface engineering applications 

    Dunn, Andrew (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2016-06)
    The use of laser surface texturing (LST) for surface engineering, in particular the generation of high static friction surfaces, has been investigated. The niche nature of high friction surfaces has meant that the field ...
  • Structure and dynamics of chain-grafted polymer nanocomposites 

    Johnston, Kim (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2016-10)
    Polymer nanocomposites are of considerable interest in academia and industry, due to the enhanced properties arising from the addition of nanoparticles to a polymer matrix. Recent developments in controlled radical ...

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