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  • New product development of Korean distilled spirits, Soju 

    Kim, Tae Wan (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2017-10)
    Soju is a traditional Korean distilled spirit that may be traced back to the 13th century. Despite its long history, there has been limited research on its production. Along with the world’s historical chaos of the first ...
  • Reducing adaptive optics latency using many-core processors 

    Barr, David; Thomson, Doctor Robert (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2017-08)
    Atmospheric turbulence reduces the achievable resolution of ground based optical telescopes. Adaptive optics systems attempt to mitigate the impact of this turbulence and are required to update their corrections quickly ...
  • The stereodynamics of the inelastic collisions of NO(A2Σ+) with atoms and molecules 

    Luxford, Thomas Frederick Murray (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2017-07)
    Please note that the equations are not displaying correctly below. Please see the full text instead. A newly constructed crossed molecular beam velocity map imaging experiment is used to study vector correlations ...
  • A study of SNARE-mediated autophagosome clearance using fluorescence lifetime microscopy 

    Saleeb, Rebecca S. (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2017-04)
    Cell survival requires the turnover of toxic cellular material and recycling of biomolecules in low nutrient conditions. An efficient degradation system is therefore essential for disease prevention and its dysfunction ...
  • Power scaling of high brightness multi-kilowatt coaxial CO2 lasers 

    Deile, Jochen (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2013-01)
    The objectives of the work described in this thesis have been first, to develop a high brightness diffusion-cooled CO2 laser based on the annular discharge geometry and secondly, to scale up the output power to provide ...

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