The ROS Theses Repository contains full-text copies of all Heriot-Watt University PhD theses awarded from 2009 onwards.

It is mandatory for any student who completes a doctoral thesis to submit a digital copy for inclusion in ROS. In addition, the metadata-only records of older theses (previously held in the University Library catalogue) are included in ROS, with full text digital copies being sought on a voluntary basis. If you have a digital copy of your thesis and you wish to store it in ROS, please contact us.

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  • Solar powered membrane distillation for seawater desalination 

    Hughes, Amanda Jane (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2015-04)
    This thesis presents an investigation into the performance of a Membrane Distillation (MD) system used for seawater desalination. The research is focused on the effects of intermittent use of the MD module when powered ...
  • Computational photochemistry of heteroaromatic biomolecules : photodynamic therapy and ultrafast relaxation 

    Bergendahl, L. Therese (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2015-03)
    This thesis focuses on the photochemistry of heteroaromatic biomolecules. These molecular systems have a rich photochemistry and take part in photochemical reactions that have many very topical applications. Small het ...
  • New chemistry of sterically-crowded carboranes 

    Hutton, Brian William (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2014-11)
    Chapter one gives an introduction into heteroborane chemistry focussing on the areas of icosahedral and supraicosahedral (metalla)carboranes and their isomerisation mechanisms. Chapter two describes attempts at placing ...
  • Hydrate mitigation in sour and acid gases 

    Hajiw, Martha (Heriot-Watt University Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society, 2015-06)
    While global demand for energy is increasing, it is mostly covered by fossil energies, like oil and natural gas. Principally composed of hydrocarbons (methane, ethane, propane...), reservoir fluids contain also impurities ...
  • Super-resolution spatial, temporal and functional characterisation of voltage-gated calcium channels involved in exocytosis 

    Hiersemenzel, Katia (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2015-04)
    The process of information transfer between neurons or endocrine cells is one of the most important, intricate and temporally precise processes in the body. Exocytosis, which is central to th ...

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