The ROS Theses Repository contains full-text copies of all Heriot-Watt University PhD theses awarded from 2009 onwards.

It is mandatory for any student who completes a doctoral thesis to submit a digital copy for inclusion in ROS. In addition, the metadata-only records of older theses (previously held in the University Library catalogue) are included in ROS, with full text digital copies being sought on a voluntary basis. If you have a digital copy of your thesis and you wish to store it in ROS, please contact us.

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  • p-Carboxylatocalix[4]arenes : versatile building blocks for the assembly of novel nanostructures 

    Fairbairn, Robyn Eleanor (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2016-03)
    This thesis focuses on the synthesis and characterisation of supramolecular structures containing p-carboxylatocalix[4]arenes with pyridine derivative guest molecules. X-ray diffraction was predominantly utilised to help ...
  • Simulation of open quantum dynamics and investigation of quantum correlations in finite systems 

    Borrelli, Massimo (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2014-08)
    This thesis reports a series of theoretical studies regarding the dynamics of fewbody controllable quantum systems. Generally speaking, the main focus is on the behavior of correlations in open quantum systems and how ...
  • Crowdsourced intuitive visual design feedback 

    Robb, David Allan (Heriot-Watt University Mathematical and Computer Sciences, 2015-05)
    For many people images are a medium preferable to text and yet, with the exception of star ratings, most formats for conventional computer mediated feedback focus on text. This thesis develops a new method of crowd ...
  • Quantum-based security in optical fibre networks 

    Donaldson, Ross James (Heriot-Watt University Engineering and Physical Sciences, 2016-04)
    Electronic communication is used everyday for a number of different applications. Some of the information transferred during these communications can be private requiring encryption and authentication protocols to keep ...
  • The effects of whole body vibration on peripheral cardiovascular function 

    Gholoum, Mahmoud S. M. A. (Heriot-Watt University Life Sciences, 2015-07)
    Exposure to acute bouts of whole body vibration (WBV), which can be employed as a novel form of exercise, has been reported to increase local skeletal muscle blood flow. However, the mechanism for this effect remains ...

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